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The backpack was designed and produced as part of my bachelor's thesis at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover.

Demian backpack front and back view

The design and development of the final product was preceded by an intensive research phase. This included a market analysis, user survey and material research.

Demian backpack detail view

Based on the evaluation of the research, I then built various prototypes in different forms.

Demian backpack detail view
Demian backpack editorial image
Demian backpack editorial image

The concept of the backpack is based on the principle of a hand pull instrument and the type of fold used in it. This was adopted modified to give the backpack shape stability without losing the lightness of both the actual weight and external appearance. The name comes from the inventor of the accordion Cyrill Demian.

Demian backpack editorial
Demian backpack website
Product Design, Branding, Textile Design
Print Design
Ansgar Klemm

For the backpack, I developed the entire branding and various marketing channels such as a website or brochures with additional background information and goodies.

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