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Deutsche Presseakademie

First-class continuing education for communications and PR

The Deutsche Presseakademie offers an extensive range of training courses for professionals in the field of communication management, with the aim of making a comprehensive contribution to the professionalisation of public relations and communications.

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The Deutsche Presseakademie wanted to realign itself externally as well as internally to present the high quality and contemporary content of its products in the same way. I created a new brand identity for depak that shines through a highly recognizable and vibrant appearance.

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Depak home page full view
Depak home page full view
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For a better understanding of the product portfolio of the Deutsche Presseakademie, I created a clear and strong color system. This makes it easier for the user to navigate across all intersections - whether for analog or digital applications.

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Depak conference page
Depak product page tablet view
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Deutsche Presseakademie
UI Design, UX Design, Brand Identity, Design System
Web Development
Simon Mista

The design approach was based on the belief that the Deutsche Presseakademie would stand out against potential competitors with a distinctive look instead of doing the same to the others. Thus, depak's brand was strengthened and optimally positioned in the market.

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