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Personalmanagement Kongress

Germany's largest congress for strategic HR management - the HR flagship event in a new dimension.

The HR Management Congress is considered the highlight of the HR community. The working world of tomorrow is shaped there and the important topics of today are discussed. But the event industry is one of the hardest hit in the Corona pandemic. That's why new concepts are needed when a large number of professionals want to meet. But how do you combine the experience of a real meeting and transfer it to the digital world?

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With the relaunch of the website for the Personalmanagement Kongress, a specially developed web application was to be connected for the first time. The idea was to no longer focus on the event on site, but to create a world of its own online in order to securely unite people from all over Germany.

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The goal was to get as close as possible to the real thing and combine it with the benefits of digital events. At the PMK (Personalmanagement Kongress), the focus is not only on professional exchange, but also on networking. In addition, sponsors want to sell their products, but without being obtrusive as advertising.

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After an extensive research phase, in which we talked to former participants of the congress, but also conducted stakeholder interviews, the first sketches and drafts for the digital event were created. In an iterative process, the design features were determined, tested and implemented.

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The vast majority of interviews were conducted via videophone, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. The results were documented and from this documentation the next steps for the further procedure in the project were derived.

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Once we had the design language and the technical specifications together, it became clear that the application would be used for other events for Quadriga Media. This pilot project is seen as a companion for the continuous development of the streaming platform for digital events.

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PMK Design System Overview
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The project for the digital event "Personalmanagement Kongress 2021" is a milestone for the further development of all future events of Quadriga Media. The global pandemic has changed the market in a downstream way, so that in the future - even after the pandemic has subsided - a large number of people will only attend any congresses or conferences digitally. This outlook into the future makes it even more important to constantly iterate the platform designed here, to question things, to rethink the old and to stay in constant motion in order not to lose relevance and to provide the user with a great user experience.

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